When purity bears time...
Charcoal I
Charcoal II
Charcoal III
Charcoal IV
a series of fine art portraits with subtle references to my two years at the Fotovakschool; either directly to previous assignments, or to things I have experienced during this period.
Sparked - A previous portrait of my sister Vera made during the basic course at the Fotovakschool, sparked my interest in portrait photography and made me decide to start the two-year education at the Fotovakschool. The pose of her and the position of the camera portrays her looking back to this and the fact that she doesn't necessarily want to be the model at that time.
Longing Home - The world map and suitcase refer to my frequent travel for work I had to do during my time at the Fotovakschool. This often caused challenging situations of completing everything on time and balancing work and classes. Although travelling for work is really interesting and inspiring, the pose and look of the model indicate that it can also be very tiring and sometimes you are just longing for home.
White Tea - The tea can was the subject of the product photography assignment in the first studio module and was discussed extensively during class where it became a reoccurring topic. The pose and look of the model symbolize her contemplating the discussion with a vacant look on her face, looking forward to the next module.
Shattered Love - The two white vases with the two white roses, together with the broken black vase with the withered red rose, symbolize a broken love story. These were the subjects of my High/Low Key assignment in the first module in the first year. The model is the actual subject of this story and is turning her back to it, forward looking to the future.
Despaired Thoughts - During my two years at the Fotovakschool I became more aware of one of my personality traits: indecisiveness. Be it in selecting that one right photo for the assignment, or more life-changing decisions. I can be double-minded to the extent that it sometimes makes me feel despair, pictured by the pose of the model.
Windows of Hembrug
Through the “Windows of Hembrug” one can see what once was but isn’t anymore; for over 100 years a lively weapons- and artillery factory, nowadays the only thing entering is light.
Fragile Love
Where two people come together, there is a risk one will be left behind broken.
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