Rogier Kwikkers (NL,1983)
My interest for photography started during my business travels. At first, I brought my camera along to capture memories. Later, this grew into a passion for creating beautiful images, abroad and closer to home.
I graduated the University of Applied Photography ("Fotovakschool") in Rotterdam in 2019. Through this education I have had the chance to work on a variety of assignments; from stills to fashion shoots and studio portraits, from car reports to corporate events and construction sites. This diversity in assignments has helped me develop within different fields. It has taught me to determine my own angle of approach and has evolved my own interests.
My interests are mainly around creating fine art portraits and capturing architecture in its broadest sense. 
In my fine art portraiture I like to work conceptually, with the aim to tell a story. In principle this is my own story, however; it’s the untold story that triggers you to tell your own. I am inspired by the moments we lose to memory and try to translate that into an captivating image. Characteristic of my style is the creativity in my approach, concept and composition.  
In architecture, its the abstraction that attracts me, playing with light, the details, lines and reflections. In practice this ranges from capturing details of modern architecture to the more abstractness of Urbex (Urban Exploration) photography, where it's the decay of buildings that is portrayed.
For both disciplines I enjoy seeing my photo materialize into a print. Nothing beats a beautiful photo printed on high quality paper in big format hanging on the wall.
My home base is Utrecht, The Netherlands but flexible in location. I work both for companies and private individuals.
Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of any questions or inquiries!
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